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The Rosette Gazette

While on her journey to "see what else is out there," our very own Pearl of the Sea from the Rosette Clan, or Peg for short, gives us stories of her travels. Mainly so we know she's ok, yes she knows we miss her. Stay tuned for sporadic but frequent audio updates to the folx of Karpri.

Spoiler Warning | The contents describe each episode in detail.

Episode 1


Rosette Gazette
Date: 12th day of Mirtul, 750 of Lathandar's Reckoning

Greetings from Lathander's Ring!

There is so much to see and learn here, almost every culture I've heard of lives on this very ship. But as I've discovered observing Gasca from his tank, it's a cheap reproduction. Excuse me, it's an expensive yet superficial representation of our homelands. But for many, this is the only life they've ever known, floating above the flaming planet of our ancestors.

This is certainly a tightly run ship, with not a lot of room for error or even artificial magic performances. Which I suppose is necessary in order to live on a hunk of metal floating through space, but I'll let you know more on that as I make my discoveries.

Oh, my nip plant is doing surprisingly well, thanks for your thoughtful parting gift, sis.

Anyway, after weeks on the sixth ring, I've encountered the chance to explore other areas of the ship! Gasca introduced me to a member of his cooking staff named Wick who is going to show me around this evening. She makes the best seaweed salad, but I digress. We're headed off now–

Stay curious!

Episode 2


Greetings from Ring One of Lathander's Ring!

I used to think those travel postcard sayings were hokey, like when cousin Gold sent us one from her trip to the ice caps. But here I am off-planet for the first time, using this language to start my column. Just go with it.

Wick and I have made it down to the first ring, which is a bit more crowded. It seems full of the descendents of dreamers who stowed away on the ship in search of a better situation. The climate here is humid and the infrastructure is built on grates over water, which feels oddly familiar to our home on Karpri.

Wick and I had an eventful evening wading through the local bazaar and sharing a toxic sludge drink at a wrestling match featuring reigning champion, Kah'Amar. I quickly found that the economy here is based on the bartering system, so I suppose the more trinkets I can gather the better.

In the wee hours of the morning, we met a few new companions that I expect you will hear more about in future entries. There's Ellisar, an elf who wants to leave the ship like I do, and we worked together to find Ronag who is a pilot, and his droid partner who can provide maps to the surrounding areas. It seems we might form a nice team! Until next time–

Stay curious!

Episode 3


Greetings from a recreational vessel traveling at lightspeed!

Our crew has made it off of Lathandar's Ring and it took quite a trip to get here. Wick fought in a wrestling ring and I tied up a killist with a rope outside of an elevator. Ellisar led us to a couple of drow elves he knows with a ship, and they whisked us off the station. They told us we're lesser than them though…I mean, they can materialize tentacles from shadows, so that's pretty impressive.

But then the elves asked me to bring them a bowl so they could communicate with their spider queen. That was new. The queen knows something about why the gods have lost their power, and according to a message that Ellisar decoded, the red planet Anadia will have more answers for us. It's a week's travel away at lightspeed so we're not making it to Toril just yet.

Stay curious!

P.S. During our lightspeed travel, I've taken some time to play two video games on my device: one about climbing up a mountain and one about falling inside a mountain and befriending monsters. It's good to take these short rests to recharge.

Episode 4


Hey hey from Anadiyay,

The halflings here know how to party. We landed on desert terrain outside of a walled town named Nopth. Our ship is in need of some repairs, so Ellisar, Wick and I went into town for some parts and found that the entire place was closed for this massive festival!

There were paper mache turtles everywhere, so much food, and probably the most joy in one place I've seen in a while. It's incredible, there's a colossal Zaratan turtle deity here who roams the desert forging canyons and trails. He was headed toward the city but turned at the last moment, sparing the town!

So no repairs for now, but what a much needed break. Ellisar won the boulet rodeo and now we have a pet! Ellisar, would you like to say hello? To the people of Karpri?


Yeah, it's his first time off the station and he's already the boulet king!

On a more serious note, we haven't seen our drow companions in a bit and I'm curious to know what they're finding about Miska the Wolf Spider and the imbalance of power.

Stay curious and remember to loosen up every now and then!

Episode 5


No Column - Trapped in a cave with no service ¯\_(ツ)_/¯